The children have a busy and happy time at the playgroup. The morning is organised into adult led activities and times when the children can choose what they wish to play with. There is a set routine which is followed each day which helps the children to feel settled. The children get to play outside before or after snack time depending on the time of the year.

Adult led activities

Circle time and looking at books.

Small group time when the children do an activity with their key worker based on their interest and next steps in learning.

Physi-gym when the children take part in an exercise activity as part of the whole group.

Snack time. An adult will sit with the children at a table, supervise the eating of fruit and vegetables and toast, and encourage conversation.

Letters and sounds. All of the children take part in an activity to develop the children's listening and speaking skills ready for learning to read and write when they start school.

Story Time. The children are read a story before they go home.

Child Initiated Activities

The children spend the rest of the morning playing inside and outside, choosing what they play with from a large variety of toys and equipment.